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Celebrity Appearance - Jackson Heywood

Stars as Brody Morgan on Home and Away

Celebrity Appearance - Jackson Heywood

Jackson was born in Canberra and raised on Sydney's Northern Beaches near Home and Away's iconic Palm Beach. The 27-year-old says he's excited to return to the area he calls home after spending three years in Los Angeles.

"Apart from being able to work in the same area I grew up in, I honestly feel like I couldn't have landed a better job," he says. "For the longest time I've been searching for a role that gives me the time and opportunity to really make a role my own and also allows me to continually hone my craft and cultivate my love for what I do. I'm looking forward to this next chapter in my life."

After graduating high school in 2006, Jackson took courses at NIDA and with acting coaches and mentors. He then went on to score roles in Australia and the United States including the TV series, Dance Academy (2010), the Australian thriller, Vulnerable (2010), East West 101 (2011), MTV's Teen Wolf (2014) and more recently, the Western short film The Weight of Blood and Bones (2015).

Jackson joins Home and Away as Brody; a successful chef who is passionate about cooking. He's a bit gruff when you first meet him and struggles to let people get close to him. However he loves his family deeply and shares a special bond with Tori (Penny McNamee).

"I love Brody! Although he can come off quite jaded and somewhat pessimistic at times, deep down he always has the best intentions and a true heart of gold. Brody is a passionate, ambitious and extremely loyal character, with a wonderful complexity of emotions and I'm having an absolute blast playing him. I look forward to bringing everyone along for the ride of Brody and the Morgan Family."

Much like his character, Jackson also comes from a large family, as one of six children, with two older siblings and three younger ones. His older sister, Millie Rose, is an actor and director and self-produced and directed the short film, Spirit Stones, which was a 2014 Tropfest Finalist.

Photography is Jackson's other creative outlet outside of acting and has been a passion of his since the age of 19. He also grew up surfing and spearfishing and is a sci-fi movie buff. Jackson currently resides in Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Jackson first appeared as Brody on Tuesday 7th June, 2016.