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We are turning up the volume to give you a club that gives you MORE access, MORE exclusives and most of all a club that loves you back!

This morning Stav, Abby & Matt with Osher gave away $20,000 to Malika from Brisbane who correctly guessed her VIP friend Shannon had the $20K Bounty on her head! 



  1. They have Facebook
  2. They have a car 
  3. Their favourite clothing store has more than 200 stores across Australia and New Zealand
  4. The high school they went to was founded in the 20th Century 
  5. They have a middle name 
  6. Their favourite TV show is on free-to-air TV
  7. They feature in their Facebook profile pic 
  8. Stav makes this person laugh! 
  9. They have brown eyes
  10. They have an Instagram account 
  11. Their favourite team is the Queensland Maroons
  12. Their favourite artist has toured in Australia 
  13. They live on the North side of Brisbane 
  14. They have a pet 
  15. They have visited one of the islands off Queensland
  16. They are not married 
  17. They have kids
  18. They have brown hair 
  19. They are currently a stay at home Mum



Check out the T's & C's here. 

VIP is not just about giving you control of the music, it's about giving you control of the whole station and giving you exclusive rewards for doing so. 


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