Hughey, Ed & Erin's $50,000 Mystery Mix

 Competition heading image for Hughey, Ed & Erin's $50,000 Mystery Mix

Make your day a better today with $50,000 cash!

2DayFM plays the songs you love from the 90’s to now AND now some of your favourite songs could win you $50,000 with Hughesy, Ed & Erin’s $50,000 Mystery Mix.

We’ve taken five songs you can now hear on 2Day FM – and mixed them up. The first person to name all five songs in order, by title and artist, wins $50,000 instant cash!

We’re taking your guesses in breakfast and all across the day..Call 13 10 60 to play… name the five songs, in order, by title and artist … and $50,000 cash is yours


- This artist gets the party started 

This artist was the original Material Girl

- Strike a pose 

- There are at least 4 mononym's in our Mystery Mix (A mononym is a one-word name used by someone famous, like Madonna)

- On Wednesday's we wear Pink *audio clue*

"I think I've Had Enough of This" *audio clue*

- Every artist in the Mystery Mix has won a grammy

- "And the games you'd play you would always win, always win"

Every song has been a main movie feature soundtrack

- Elvis Viva Las Vegas *audio clue*

3 of the 4 artists who go by one-word names (like Madonna, Pink) have been identified.... to name the 4th all you need to do is "say my name"

- I am fierce..

- "Most incredibly, it's ya girl, B" *audio clue*

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